Golden Earth Studio

Golden Earth Studio is an initiative founded by ceramicist Sara Howard and property developer Gabriel Lau, founder of Golden Earth Developments

Bridging the gap between the construction industry and artists, Golden Earth Studio diverts excavation waste from housing developments and into the hands of makers. The studio challenges traditional industrial practices and explores the potential of a new development model that embraces the circularity and value of waste materials.


At the start of 2022, Golden Earth Studio began its work at its first site in Wimbledon, London. A team of 6 ceramicists worked on the construction site to process and distribute the clay that was excavated from the piling foundations of a new property. London clay was extracted from up to 18 metres, revealing the weathered and un-weathered clay from the Eocene Age. The clay was distributed to over 30 artists who incorporated the material into their practice.

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Jacob Chan

Eleanor Herbosch

Jeanne Francis

Further work and material testing


Copyright  ©  2023 Sara Howard 
Copyright © 2023 Sara Howard

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