C  i  r  c  u  l  a  r    C  e  r  a  m  i  c  s

Circular Ceramics is a tableware collection made entirely from reclaimed industrial waste by-products, which minimises the consumption of finite raw materials and diverts waste away from landfill by applying the principles of the circular economy to ceramic production. By building relationships between industries that consume the same raw materials as the ceramics industry, waste by-products from one manufacturer can replace the raw materials in another, forming an industrial symbiosis which provides both ecological and economical gains.


Waste is produced at almost every stage of ceramic production. Even at the process of extracting materials where for every tonne of clay quarried, nine tonnes of waste is produced. In addition, many of the raw materials currently extracted from the ground for ceramic production are expected to run out in the next forty years. For some materials like tin and zinc, there are just six years left of extraction based on current rates of consumption and known resources. Increased scarcity of raw materials has already led to a volatility in price and will continue to do so. Now is the time for ceramic producers to seek alternative sustainable materials.


This collection demonstrates the processes of substituting typical mined materials for alternative sustainable materials at all scales of ceramic production, from studio potter to mass manufacturer. This collection is made from industrial glass, stone, construction and ceramic waste by-products that can be reclaimed for free.

The book ‘Circular Ceramics’ outlines how ceramicists can identify, process and substitute industrial waste for their own ceramic production.

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