Circular Ceramics

Ceramics can be durable and last generations, but the production of ceramics is facing a future dilemma. The materials rely entirely on finite natural resources. Many of which when extracted, have significant ecological and societal impacts.

The Circular Ceramic tableware range first took form in 2020 as Sara’s graduate project. After producing the collection from her studio in London and exhibiting globally, Sara sought out how to generate greater impact by introducing industrial waste streams to ceramic manufacturers. Collaborating with Kevala Ceramics in Bali, this vision has resulted in a fourteen-piece hand thrown tableware range made from a range of 75% - 100% waste.

The collection replaces finite mined or quarried minerals, with waste glass retrieved from Bali’s rivers, marble and granite factory slurries, and clay and glaze residues reclaimed from water treatment systems. All these materials would otherwise be sent to landfill or pollute waterways.


The collection will be launched mid 2023 and Kevala is currently accepting pre-launch wholesale orders. Contact Sara via email for more information.

Copyright  ©  2023 Sara Howard 
Copyright © 2023 Sara Howard

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