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The Circular Ceramics book, outlines the methods of reclaiming, processing and substituting waste materials for ceramic production.  

The book is aimed at ceramic production of all scales from studio potter, to mass manufacturer. 

The book goes into detail about the ecolgical effects of mining finite raw materials and industrial waste. 

Many of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of ceramics are expected to run out in the next few decades, some even in the next 6 years, based on current rates of consumption and known resources. With scarcity comes a volatility in price, which will present the indsutry with a number of challenges in the years to come. Now is the time for induviduals and companies in the ceramics industry to source alternative sustainable materials. 

The glass, stone, construction and ceramics industry all produce waste by-products that can replace the virgin raw materials in ceramic production. The book outlines how to approach manufacturers for their waste, identify the material and prcoess it  for ceramic production. It also maps out what components of a glaze the material can substitute.

The methods outlined allows ceramacists to start small, substituing quartz with the waste glass slurry for example, and building upon that with the addition of stone, construction and plaster waste in the future.


The Circular Ceramics eBook is available to purchase for £10. 

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