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The Circular Ceramics book outlines the methods of reclaiming, processing, and substituting waste materials for ceramic production. These methods can be applied at all scales of production from studio potter to mass manufacturer.

The ceramics industry faces an ever-growing issue with the consumption of finite raw materials that are not able to regenerate as fast as we are consuming it. Globally, we are also tackling the issues of industrial waste that are damaging our fragile ecologies and societies across the world. The Circular Ceramics book addresses both issues.

From approaching manufacturers for their waste, to identifying waste materials at an industrial site. This book can aid the movement towards a more sustainable ceramic practice. 


The Circular Ceramics provides open source information that is released under the creative commons license 'Attribution'. This allows others to remix, adapt, and build upon my work, even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit Sara Howard for her methods.

The Circular Ceramics eBook is not currently available for purchase. Please email sarahowardstudio@outlook.com to be notified when the eBook is available.

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