Sara is an award-winning ceramic designer and materials researcher, whose practice is focussed on reducing the environmental and societal impacts of ceramic production.

Sara graduated from Central St. Martins in 2020, studying BA Honours Degree in Ceramic Design. In her final year, Sara designed an industrial symbiosis around the ceramics industry, whereby waste from one industry replaces the raw materials in ceramic production. Sara’s methods and processes are shared in her book, Circular Ceramics, allowing fellow ceramicists to adopt the sustainable processes in their own practice.

Since 2020 Sara has continued to work on expanding the use of industrial waste streams, participated in exhibitions, and delivered lectures, workshops, and talks. Currently, Sara is collaborating with ceramic producers and mass manufacturers to implement the use of industrial waste on a larger scale.

Collaboration is at the core of Sara’s practice and she believes sustainable solutions should not be locked away in patents. Accessibility and transparency have the potential to create systemic changes which have a wider positive ecological and societal impact. If you would like to work together, collaborate, or have any questions, get in touch!

Email: sarahowardstudio@outlook.com  
Instagram: @sara__howard

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Copyright  ©  2023 Sara Howard 
Copyright © 2023 Sara Howard

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